Note to MSM: Some Perspective is in Order

Speaking of stenography, we have this from the NYT’s Michael Shear this morning:

Health Law Rollout’s Stumbles Draw Parallels to Bush’s Hurricane Response (paywall).

Yes. They are exactly the same. Mr. Shear does not add that these parallels are being made, of course, by partisans on the right and that the NYT is dutifully and uncritically transcribing them.

I think Dread Pirate Mixmaster’s response on Balloon Juice sums up the absurdity and lack of perspective quite well:

This was the top story on my NYTimes mobile this morning, and like Michael Shear, I’ve been noting the similarities between these two events. Just outside my window, the bodies of people who haven’t been able to access a website are stacking up in the streets. The lucky who have survived are huddled together in their own filth in hot, overcrowded stinking shelters, waiting to log in.

And well I remember how Democrats worked for years to gut FEMA. Every Democratic governor pushed all disaster preparedness up to the federal government to make FEMA’s job as hard as it could possibly be, and the forty separate votes by the Democratic Congress to defund FEMA are still etched in my mind.

Amen, brother. Way to trivialize the pain and suffering of actual Katrina victims, Mr. Shear. In no universe ever (ever, ever) should complete and utter physical devastation and loss of home and life be compared to temporary inconvenience when accessing a website. It’s called perspective–look it up.

The actual reporting that needs to be done here (you know–‘journalism’) relates to who is making these absurd comparisons, why they are being made and what, if any, credibility they have. Merely transcribing the totally-lacking-in-perspective rantings of partisans without critically evaluating them is stenography. Mr. Shear needs to decide whether he is a secretary or a journalist.

[UPDATE] So the NYTs is not alone. This is an actual meme being pushed by the right. When will someone tell the MSM that the jig is up? We all know how the rightwing media ‘talking points’ thing works now, so why doesn’t the MSM? Why are they more afraid of being accused of liberal bias then they are of actually demonstrating their complete lack of journalistic ethics when it comes to printing any talking point given to them by the right, regardless of how blatantly absurd or dishonest it is?


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