Do Guns Kill People? 22 Children Alive in China vs. 20 Dead in CT Says ‘Yes’

Pretty tired of gun-rights enthusiasts smugly trotting out the ‘guns don’t kill people, people do’ catch-phrase as if it is the most clever thing anyone has every come up with. I think they have to repeat this as a mantra in order to rationalize their support for our inexcusably deadly, violent, gun-worshiping culture–one they helped create and continue to support despite massacre after massacre.

Yes, guns do kill people when they are in the hands disturbed individuals, something our current system allows to happen far too often. Let’s not keep acting like we are blind to that fact or that repeating some catchy-sounding phrase changes it. 22 children were stabbed by a nut in China on the same day the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre happened. All 22 of those children are still alive. In contrast, 20 children and their teachers are dead in CT. The difference was access to guns, so clearly, guns kill people.

That said, I think sane, law-abiding people should be able to own guns. But I don’t think any nutter with a god complex should be able to legally acquire them and I don’t think any individual citizen needs to have a personal arsenal of assault weapons. I think we are a nation growing weary of violence and the excuses for it and the constant focus by gun enthusiasts on their rights over the rights of babies sitting in classrooms not to be killed by a crazy person who should never have been able to get his hands on automatic weapons. This self-serving focus on rights and disregard for responsibilities is wearing pretty thin.

No Constitutional right is absolute. People are not allowed to make human sacrifices to their god despite the fact that the First Amendment guarantees their right to religious freedom. The ‘right’ to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ encapsulated in the Declaration of Independence is waived when we as a society deem that someone is dangerous and needs to be locked up for the protection of others. Why is the Second Amendment alone treated as sacrosanct and not subject to reasonable limitations like all other amendments and founding principles?

Gun worship has  become a mental illness in our society that causes people to deny the evidence of their own eyes. The notion of many gun-enthusiasts that somehow their right to firearms is God-sanctioned and approved is nothing short of creepy and you have to wonder how deeply immersed in the cult of guns one has to be to seriously believe this.  At the very least, these Christians exhibit a serious lack of faith in God’s ability to protect them if they feel they need to be packing at all times. Somehow the irony of professing belief in a pacifist with supernatural powers while paranoid-ly packing heat manages to escape them.


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