Shooting in Wisconsin…

or, We Are All Sikhs Domestic Terrorists Now

Coverage of  the homegrown rightwing domestic terror act unfortunate incident at the Sikh temple in Milwaukee yesterday contained this line from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

“…which some authorities are describing a domestic terrorist incident. But FBI representatives later backed away from that categorization, saying they were still investigating motive.”

Yes, by all means back off calling this what it undoubtedly is. Heaven knows we can’t sully the name of a God-fearing, America-loving White nutjob by pointing out, rightly, that he is every bit as vile as the people he claimed were ruining the country. Either ‘take it back’ or fear the (seemingly endless) outrage of the God-fearing White Christian power base in this country who will come out with pitchforks (as all true Christians must) and wallow in their imaginary victimization at the hands of brown people, Muslims and liberals.

What a crock. We have a country full of people stuck somewhere in Jr. High emotionally and intellectually, too dumb and too lazy to actually figure out who they hate and why before exercising their Constitutional right to obliterate perceived threats (or even just the threat of perceived threats) with AK-47s, and we all have to pretend these people have serious, legitimate grievances because that’s ‘fair and balanced.’ Purveyors of hate and the millions out there who enable them have blood on their hands and it’s about time someone in a position of authority had the guts to make that absolutely clear without backing down.


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