So Who’s Not a Little Directionally Impaired?

Don't let the mean smirk fool you, I really am a saint/victim/martyr (photo courtesy Newsweek).

I mean North vs South, what’s the big friggin’ deal?  Neither one  is the ‘real’ America, so meaningless in Palin’s hierarchy of ‘things that matter.’

In Palin-land no criticism is constructive, so naturally she of the transparent skin went on a pity party rant (on Thanksgiving, no less, so we can only hope someone else had time to cook for the family) about her mistreatment at the hands of all media that is not Rupert Murdoch owned.  Apparently the ‘he did it, too’ defense really resonates with her  juvenile fan base.

I think the problem is that with Palin you can’t be sure what is a simple slip of the tongue and what is a demonstration of her complete lack of interest in the world in which we live.  The sad thing–and what made it newsworthy–is that fact that for many Americans it seemed totally plausible that she simply didn’t know the difference (‘country of Africa’ ring a bell?),  I’m willing to concede that this may have just been a gaffe, but the bigger issue is that we even had to question it.  When most other pols say dumb things we might note it and chuckle over it, but at least we can be reasonably assured that they actually know the difference.  We don’t have the same assurance with this person, which makes it even more mystifying that she apparently feels qualified to be president and dictate foreign policy.  She’s her own worst enemy, too.  This was a one day news story over a holiday that probably most people would have missed or dismissed–until she decided to whine publicly and draw more attention to it.  Will her followers ever get tired of the constant victim routine?


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