Bigotry is a Complex Concept

Wow. Bigots are really gonna have to work on ‘message consistency.‘  First they tell us that black women are all about irresponsibly having too many babies so they can stay on welfare and rob the poor working white folks of their tax dollars and now they tell us that black babies are an endangered species (similar to other adorable, furry little animals).  So which is it?  How are we supposed to know which prejudice is the appropriate one?  This is just too much contradiction for our poor, privileged white people brains to handle. I sincerely hope this is the brainchild of a minority PR firm. That would be bad enough, but really–no matter where you stand on the abortion issue– this ‘campaign’ is simply beyond offensive.


1 Response to “Bigotry is a Complex Concept”

  1. 1 Tracy J
    February 27, 2010 at 10:34 am

    It’s so obvious; they are trying to go after the black vote by using abortion as a wedge issue. As a black woman, this offends me because they never seemed to really care for African Americans before. We’ve been villainized, made to seem stupid and THE cause of the world’s problems. Just more games.
    What would impress me more is if these same people would take out billboards and ads denouncing the use of images depicting our First Lady as a monkey and President Obama shining Sarah Palin’s shoes. But they won’t because that would peel off a majority of their base.

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