Palin Caught Lying About True Cost of Ethics Complaints

I am bothered, but not surprised, that for the most part the MSM seems to accept Palin’s dollar figure on the face of it. This is a woman who has been caught lying time after time, but they still parrot her ridiculous statements as if they came straight from the good Lord, himself.

After her resignation, polls showed that 7 in 10 Republicans would vote for her in 2012! When you visit news site forums, these mindless Palin-drones take over the comments section defending their idiot savant with the same sort of gusto they normally reserve for celebrating beer and Cheetos night. This is scary stuff. I don’t think Palin is a “joke.” I think she is a self-deluded narcissist (did you catch the ‘narcissistic rage’ when Andrea Mitchell dared to suggest that she needed to clarify her stream of consciousness explanation for resigning?) who represents lemming-like leadership in our first big step over the cliff into idiocracy. She is the quintessential malign personality (wrapped in a cutesy candy coating) that rises to power despite clear warning signs of unfitness.

Given the crystal clear evidence that she is not suited for any job that requires rational thinking, what will it take to get through to the public? It’s easy to make fun of her, but I think the MSM is discounting the rabid Palin-drones who are just angry enough and stupid enough to see this farce of a politician as the only person who can
finally address and fix their myriad Fox News-inspired perceived grievances. I’m not laughing. I’m scared.


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