John McCain's Deep Misogyny

I was not impressed with John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin and believed it to be a political stunt, but actually had some hope that she might live up to her press at least in some areas.  Being from Minnesota, I’ve known lots of women who fit the mold the McCain camp projected of Palin (they even sound just like her)–“salt of the Earth” types with little formal experience, but deep reservoirs of common sense and an incredible ability to work until the job is done. My own family has been blessed by the presence of these women of sturdy, no-nonsense Scandinavian stock, ladies who in their 80s and 90s still clean their own gutters and do their own lawn work while keeping a sharp eye on world events, living the Christian principles embodied by the Fruitages of the Spirit, and generally making their little section of the world a nicer place. After watching Palin’s recent performance, it is clear to me that Palin is nothing like these women. She is not even a pale imitation of them and it dawned on me how truly misogynistic John McCain’s choice of Palin is.  He essentially makes no distinction between women–they are completely interchangeable and so insignificant in the “real” world that proper vetting is not required. They are ornaments to enhance a ticket, nothing more. And like all good ornaments and trophies, they are most effective when visually available, but silent.

If Sarah Palin is John McCain’s idea of an accomplished woman, he clearly believes there is no such thing. I wonder if it is beginning to dawn on Palin that she has embarrassed herself and humiliated her family simply to feed the narcissistic longings of a crotchety old man. Fortunately for her, she appears to be enough of an unconscious incompetent to not give it much thought. Unfortunately for the rest of us, much of country still seems to be unaware of it, too.

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