The Internet

The bigges f**ing gathering in the world, with the stupidest, f**ing people on the planet.

Not sure why I put myself through it, but I just peeled myself away from ABC online’s news chat. It will take me a couple of days to decompress and recover from the abject despair I feel every time I read what passes for intelligent discourse these days.  I’m just gonna’ come out and say it: Americans collectively are the most ill-informed and self-centered supposedly “civilized” people on the planet.  Quick to point out the failings of all other nations, yet  unwilling to look at the rafters in our own eyes.  There is no difference between someone who CAN’T inform themselves (due to government policies or lack of resources) and someone who WON’T (the majority of Americans who refuse to look much past Fox News to inform their view of the world).

There seems to be an inverse correlation at work here. The more stupid you are, the more vocal and intransigent in your opinion you are bound to be. I really think many Americans, especially of the far right persuasion (although the extreme on the other side is no picnic, either), mistake the passion of their feelings for the rightness of their cause.  Just because you feel strongly about it doesn’t make it right. Why is this so hard to understand?  Also about had it with the “two sides” baloney as an excuse to present fictitious or discredited information as legitimate. An opinion is not a “side.”  Wish our media had the balls to recognize this and keep blowhards like Glenn Beck, et al, from presenting their childish perspective as another valid way of seeing the world. It isn’t. The world they inhabit in their minds does not now, nor has it ever existed. Their schtick is getting pretty tiresome and it only encourages the idiocy of the many intellectually lazy Americans who, although they can’t be bothered to think beyond their “dittohead” status, now have a public venue in which to display their deficient reasoning skills.

We have become a nation of pseudo-experts, responding to every issue with the black and white assurance that our opinion on a topic is just as valid as the opinion of someone who has spent years becoming an expert. This is a worrisome trait. Lack of distinction between accomplishment versus strong passion (read: “faith”) is what led to the Dark Ages. Modern work life is plagued by people who “don’t know what they don’t know,” but who somehow manage to infiltrate even the highest ranks of many organizations. It is not snobbery to insist that people know what they’re talking about before they are allowed to make decisions that impact others around them–it is good management. However, in an effort to be “egalitarian” and solicit feedback from everyone equally, we allow these unconscious incompetents to do a great deal of damage. I’m tired of the anti-intellectual bias. It’s clearly not working well for us and it’s time for a change.

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