Breaking: John Edwards is a Lying Scumbag Politician

So this is more than a little disappointing, but does it really rate the amount of media coverage it has been given? We already knew that Edwards was a politician and that in his past life, he was a personal injury lawyer.  That is a “two-fer” on the general yuckiness scale of personal character.  Now he has hit the trifecta, adding “philandering while your wife is very ill” to his resume. All he needs now is profiting from arms deals with the enemy to merit the Newt Gingrich/Oliver North Lifetime Achievement in Douchebaggery award. Close on his heels is Senator John McCain, although, for whatever reason, the media chooses not to recognize (or report on) his stellar achievements in this area. Maybe this is because he had help with his douchebaggery; a rich, addicted, much younger second wife (for whom the “maverick”  left his disabled first wife) who founded a medical charity so she could steal drugs from it. In short, she is a “ringer” in terms of douchebaggery, so maybe the media feels he has an unfair advantage.

The list of yuckies is long and equally split between the two parties: Bill Clinton (D), Newt Gingrich (R), Gary Hart (D), John McCain (R), John Edwards (D), David Vitter (R), etc., etc. I wouldn’t trust the judgment of any one of these men. If you can’t provide leadership for your own reproductive organs, why do you think you would be an appropriate leader for the country?  It’s not the moral aspect of this. I don’t need to judge their morality–that’s up to their families and their maker. It’s the absurdity of grown, educated men of significant achievement being unable to grasp that their behavior WILL have consequences that really bothers me. As our current president has amply demonstrated, “Consequence Understanding Disorder” is not a good qualification for the presidency. Right now, only one of these individuals is running for president.  If you don’t think Edwards is a fit candidate than you have to apply the same standard to McCain, even if the media refuses to do so. No doubt an Obama bombshell is just around the corner. If by some miracle he has managed to “keep it in his pants,” he would be a rare breed of politician. Now THAT would be news.

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