Abandon Hope All ye Who…

…read the Wall Street Journal.  The conservative bias of the WSJ is no secret, but in the past the venerable rag at least pretended to adhere to journalistic standards.  Then came Rupert Murdoch.  Did anyone actually believe that the same yahoo who brought us Fox News and all the other quality Fox programming would live up to his promise to maintain the same high quality journalism after his acquisition of the WSJ last year?  Clearly he has no standard of reference for good journalism, so even if his intentions were honorable (which is doubtful), his judgment and ability are totally lacking.  The inevitable result?  Ideologically tainted reporting that ignores crucial facts to make a–usually strained–political point.  Here is a recent example. Scientific integrity has been seriously compromised in recent years, thanks in large part to the political machinations of people the WSJ and Murdoch helped put in office, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the WSJ address the topic of “yellow science.”  After all, science influences our lives every day.  Recent revelations of misleading and downright false scientific claims made by political appointees and  titans of industry, claims  that resulted in the unleashing of dangerous and deadly products and seriously flawed public policy, should get all of our attention.  Unfortunately that is not the “science” the WSJ is concerned with and, taking their cues from the far right, the WSJ has distilled the broad field of scientific endeavor down to to one politically charged topic–global warming.  Even if you accept that global warming has not been rigorously scientifically studied (which is false–it has been), the issue lies in interpretation of the data and people of integrity and good judgment may honestly disagree with what the data shows.  That is not the same thing as what was implied in this obvious hit piece.  It is seriously tabloid-esque of the WSJ to feature an alarming headline to try to score a political point. Wonder where they ever got that idea?

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