CNN: I'll Stratch Your Beck if You Scratch Mine

Since CNN apparently finds my comments about Glenn Beck to be unpublishable (and they may have a point!), I will just have to share them here.  Mr. Beck’s role as a commentator is truly baffling given his poor grasp of cultural reality, childish world view and complete lack of original thought.  He may be good at parroting snippets from the neocon talking points handbook or lifting ideas directly from his ‘betters’ (why hasn’t Rush sued him?), but there is no way a thinking person could mistake him for an intellectual giant.  Lately, Mr. Beck has taken to sending public love letters to his cronies in industry in a sycophantic attempt at self-enrichment.  First, there was his heartfelt, public thank you to the oil companies for all they have done for the ungrateful American consumer.  Most recently, he donned his groveling kneepads and begged for tax relief–for corporate America. Is CNN attempting to alienate the 90+% of the viewing public who recognize this for what it is–Glenn Beck attempting to ingratiate himself with big money interests by selling out the average American?

Real journalists and commentators are prohibited from making endorsements for self-enrichment both by policy and by their own journalistic integrity.  Yet Mr. Beck is allowed to repeatedly use the public airwaves to vigorously endorse political positions with no investigation into his financial relationships with the industries or related lobbying organizations he supports.  It is bad enough that he does not have the scruples to refrain from such behavior himself, but unconscionable that CNN would provide him the platform to do so disguised under the mantle of legitimate commentary.  Maybe he receives no financial reward. Maybe he truly is as groveling and obsequious as his commentary suggests.  However, even if that is the case (I make no claim to understand Mr. Beck’s mental state and am not a licensed therapist), by virtue of whatever mental defect would cause a grown man to act that way, he is unfit to be shaping public opinion.

CNN promotes Mr. Beck’s show as an “unconventional look at the news of the day.”  In reality, Mr. Beck could not be more conventional.  He is the model rightwing blowhard.  CNN might as well just come out and state that they accept the accusation by the right that they have a liberal bias and that they are willing to do anything to demonstrate their “fairness,” including giving air time to malignant personalities who proudly work against the public interest.

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