NYT Courts Mouth-Breathing Troglodyte Market

I’ve been vacillating about my subscription to the New York Times for a while now.  The Judy/Scooty debacle, the  confirmed episodes of administration stenography rather than actual journalism, etc.  The recent hiring of William “The Bloody” Kristol was the last straw, however.  This guy was one of the architects of and a chief cheerleader for the mess we are in in Iraq and he persists in spewing his delusional rhetoric and deeply offensive views on every public venue that will have him.  Unfortunately, the NYT decided to become one of those venues.  This decision on the part of the Times is particularly strange being that Mr. Kristol has publicly suggested the paper is “irredeemable” and should be “prosecuted” because they disagree with his views–i.e. don’t endorse torture or the  random suspension of Constitutional rights. Here is just a small sample of Kristol’s anti-NYTimes bluster.

Here is my email exchange with the editors regarding the cancellation of my subscription:

From me:

To Whom it May Concern:

Sadly, I felt compelled to cancel my
subscription to the New York Times today based on the announcement that
William Kristol will be a contributing columnist.  It has been a rocky
couple of years for your readers, but this was one straw too many.
Perhaps you believe that Mr. Kristol’s participation provides “balance”
and you certainly have a right to that opinion.  However, Mr. Kristol
has proven time and again that he has no shame in pushing dishonest
positions.  In fact, the only outstanding quality Mr. Kristol possesses
is his uncanny ability to get it wrong 100% of the time. Given this
record, we are left with only two options: He is a shameless liar who
believes his ideological ends justify any means or he actually believes
the ridiculous assertions he spouts, in which case he is just plain
foolish.  Mr. Kristol’s offensive assumed superiority and disdain for
the intelligent and deeply thoughtful individuals who don’t subscribe
to his narrow, intolerant and bloodthirsty world view has insulted me
on numerous occasions.  To continue my subscription would be, I feel,
contributing to my own mistreatment and additionally would support his
erroneous elitist belief in the absolute value of his opinion.  I just
cannot do that.

Honestly, I can’t for the life of me figure out what you are
trying to do.  Given the times we are living in and the critical need
for reliable sources for information, this apparent headlong rush into
irrelevancy on the part of the Times seems almost criminal.  I actually
feel like I lost a trusted friend.  I can’t speak for all your readers,
but I suspect that a large percentage of them feel like I do.  We have
done our homework, we understand the difference between a legitimate
conservative position and right-wing hackery and we don’t see any value
in supporting the later.  It is a blasted shame that you do!

Response from NYT (note the Hi-Lariously condescending implication that people who don’t want to read Bill Kristol need to be schooled in the democratic process):

Thank you for your e-mail concerning Bill Kristol. We appreciate
your interest and your taking the time to let us know how you feel.
Mr. Kristol’s column will be appearing on the Op-Ed page, where we
offer a range of diverse opinions — often differing from our own editorial
opinions. Given that we are a news organization that believes in
vibrant political discourse, we have brought Mr. Kristol on board after a
long and thoughtful search through the ranks of strong conservative voices.

Will you — or will we — agree with him? Probably not very
often . . . but that is the point of offering multiple views and providing
intellectual diversity. We hope the column will engender open debate and
discussion in the democratic tradition of newspapers. And we hope that
you will continue to read and to express your views to us. We very much
value your readership.
> Sincerely,
> Catherine Mathis
> SVP, Corporate Communications
> The New York Times Company

My Response to NYT Editor:

While I appreciate your note, I must say that I feel your editorial staff is ignoring a few salient points:

Writing an opinion piece for one-time airing on an OpEd page is not
the same thing as hiring someone with a track record of faulty logic
and offensive speech to air their views on a regular basis.

2.)  This is about the free market.  I don’t much care what
your supposed rationale is for hiring him. That is not my concern.  My
issue is that I don’t want to pay to support the publication of
offensive views.  I don’t subscribe to the National Review or to
skinhead publications for the same reason.  It is fundamentally
repugnant to me to endorse, through my financial support, offensive and
deceitful propaganda, regardless of the venue for publication.  This is
about MY pocketbook, not YOUR editorial preferences.


The only explanation I can come up with for this whole shameful episode is that the marketing people at the Times feel the “real” money is in appealing to mouth-breathing troglodytes so that is their primary focus for now.  Apparently, they are unaware of how few of the people in this target demographic actually read.  Perhaps they will develop a graphic novel format to assist their new readers.  At least, with this latest betrayal of their loyal readership, they have gone on record with their priorities, thereby saving me nearly $40 a month!  WooHoo!  Thank YOU NYT!!!

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