GWB Seeks Military Guidance from Dobson on Iran

Why is the POTUS seeking policy guidance on military matters from supposedly Christian religious leaders?  Does anyone else see the irony in this?

Besides, I thought George W. could speak directly to God.  What does he need Dobson for?

It is difficult to sit back and watch some who claim to be Christian manipulate and torture scripture (not that finding scripture to support bigoted and intolerant beliefs is all that difficult if that’s your agenda) to match their intolerant view of the world.  In Christian tradition, the New Testament supposedly represents the fulfillment of the convenant made with Abraham in the Old Testament.  Jesus was that fulfillment.  True Christians are supposed to use the example of his behavior on Earth (what do you think the name “Christian” means?) as their guide.  The rah, rah “Christian warrior” types  who are fixated on the bloody Old Testament completely miss the point of Jesus’ ministry.

So what was Jesus example on Earth?  He healed the sick, fed the poor, and tolerated no corruption at his Father’s house (the Temple).  He advocated strict separation between God’s kingdom and the kingdoms of men, refusing to take a political position himself and advising his followers to “pay back Cesear’s things to Cesear, but God’s things to God” and pointing out that “you can’t serve two masters.”

It has always seemed to me to demonstrate a supreme lack of faith for a “Christian” to believe they need to push their religious agenda politically.  It suggests that these humans don’t feel God is quite up to the job of overseeing human activity without their help.  Since a written guidebook has been helpfully provided to aid individuals in their effort to emulate Christ, maybe it is time that some of these so-called “Christians” challenge their beliefs and behaviors using Jesus’ recorded ministry and example as their standard.  It has gotten to the point that I cringe when someone says they’re a Christian because the term now conjures up visions of cruelty, deceitfulness and ignorance.  Is this any way to honor Jesus?

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