Another Day, Another Scandal

This time it’s the Civil Liberties branch at DOJ, headed by a nasty piece-of-work political appointee, Shanetta Cutlar.  This is a long piece, but pay particular attention to the letter sent to Paul McNulty (DOJ) from Ty Clevenger, an attorney in the Civil Liberties section who was subsequently fired for speaking out and who now has a “whistleblower” case pending against the DOJ.

DOJ Shenanigans

One thing that strikes me is the enormous amount of time and money going into untangling this endless supply of GOP messes–time and money redirected from other pressing issues. I’m angry that the previous GOP-majority Congress collected paychecks while letting our venerated institutions be gutted by political hacks. They should be required to return their salaries to the treasury.

I agree this all needs to be cleaned up, but wonder what other important current issues are being shunted to the side while Congress is distracted by the avalanche of this administrations previous bad acts. It appears we are only at the tip of the iceberg. How is it possible that one administration could have so severely crippled so many institutions in such a (relatively) short time? That this could happen puts the onus on all of us to build better protections for our most basic government functions (FDA, EPA, DOJ, etc.).

I can’t imagine a bigger nightmare for people of reason and morality than this administration. They have have abused the spirit of the law using clever machinations of the letter of the law to achieve political goals and have done so time and again without consequence. I despair the architects or any of their nasty minions ever being held to

Interesting side note–Ms. Cutlar is described as “charming and very intelligent,” but she shows a clear lack of empathy and disregard for the feelings of others and operates like a petty tyrant. This description fits the criteria for a number of personality (character) disorders, including sociopathic personality disorder. It is more than a little disturbing that a person with sociopathic traits heads up the civil liberties arm of the DOJ. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again–sociopaths have dotted the ranks of politics for years, but never before has the preference for sociopathic traits been institutionalized like it has been in this administration. This should scare the s**t out of all of us.

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