Navarette "OJs" the Gonzales Hearings

Regarding Ruben Navarette editorial on Gonzales on CNN.com, April 19, 2007:

Hey Ruben, look–there’s a gullible on the ceiling.  Come on, dude.  I’ve read your previous articles about the Gonzales issue being at least in part racially motivated.  I didn’t agree at the time and I’m even more convinced now that this has nothing to do with poor Alberto the Hispanic man and everything to do with stupidity, deceitfulness and blind partisanship–qualities that know no racial boundary.  Would it be any less egregious and would Alberto Gonzales be any less culpable if he pulled this crap for a Democratic president?  Absolutely not.  Those of you on the right seem to forget that this works both ways.  How would you feel if a Democratic Attorney General was doing the bidding of the Democratic National Committee on your dime?

No one, regardless of race, gender or political affiliation who puts loyalty to their party above loyalty to the Constitution deserves to be working in the government.  My tax dollars go to pay these people, as well, and I don’t want them doing Republican National Committee business on the people’s time.

You are getting dangerously close to OJ Simpson rationale, assuming Alberto G is being targeted only because of his racial/ethnic background and failing to look at the evidence.  We all see how well that worked for society in the OJ case.

I have no doubt that there is an enormous amount of ugly prejudice in this country aimed at Hispanics.  I don’t think that’s the issue with Alberto Gonzales, however, and it would be helpful if you could get beyond your personal (and no doubt very valid) objections to the treatment of Hispanics for this particular case.

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