Wrong Fight

As usual, the Republicans have managed to engage our tragically gullible main stream media in the wrong fight.    This time it is over the White House’s “lost” emails and the spin is “our poor aides, in an effort to comply with two contradictory laws (the Hatch Act and the Presidential Records Act) may have inadvertantly used the wrong email system, but there was no intent to circumvent the laws requiring that official White House communications be saved.  Heaven’s no!”

The only problem with this spin is that it is patently false.  The two laws are not contradictory unless you are doing something on government time that you ought not to be doing, like working on purely partisan activities.  I suppose in this, the most partisan administration ever, aides may have become sincerely confused about what constitutes official vs. party activities.  The adminstration clearly makes no distinction.  That in itself is a big story.  I can guarantee you that there are millions of us out here who don’t want our tax dollars going to salaries for Republican operatives disquised as humble civil servants doing party business on our time–even if that business truly is completely innocent, which it clearly is not.

Which brings up another point:  Would any other employer allow an employee to bring personal equipment from an outside activity into the workplace and use it on their dime?  Of course not.  Why are people not outraged that salaried government employees were using their thumbs in furtherance of Republican party goals while our tax dollars subsidized their income and benefits?

So MSM, here’s the real story:  This White House uses taxpayer money to pay salaries for partisan operatives to further their political agenda and circumvent the law.  Don’t know about you, but I want my money back.

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