Senator Coleman Votes Against Stem Cell Research

Disappointed, but not surprised.  Here are a couple of things to remember about Coleman:

1.)  He’s orignally from New York and is Jewish.  He has only recently (since the Republican ascension in 2000) assumed the mantle of a conservative Christian in what appears to be a pretty cynical total political makeover (see point 3).

2.)  He and his wife live separately–in separate states as a matter of fact–and he is notorious around Minneapolis for his indiscretions.  Frankly, I could care less about a politician’s personal life EXCEPT when they are pandering to the morality Nazi’s on the right while living a double-life themselves.

3.)  Norm Coleman began his political career in Minnesota as a Democrat–a Humphrey/Mondale-style Democrat, no less.  When it became clear that the MN Democratic field was full of rising stars and that his prospects were not strong, he switched party affiliation in a stunning display of lack of personal integrity.  People change their minds–happens all the time–but to be able to go from the hard left to the hard right virtually overnight certainly raises the possibility that he has no internal moral compass, only career aspirations.

4.)  Most egregious of all, the Coleman’s have lost children (I believe two) to a rare genetic disease, precisely the kind of disorder targeted by stem cell research.  One would hope that suffering these personal tragedies would moderate even the staunchest of Christian critics (which Coleman is only when it suits him). I wonder how his wife feels about his stem cell stance?  Maybe he should give her a call.  Long distance nights and weekends are free.

All of which goes to show that he is the consumate, finger-in-the-wind politician.  It is clear from his double life that he has no strongly held beliefs or values and supports whatever is politically expedient.

Garrison Keillor did a nice expose on him a couple of years ago for the Pioneer Press.  Keillor was frustrated the the MN press didn’t do any digging on Coleman’s past and essentially allowed him to preach morality for the Republican party while ignoring his notorious personal behavior in the Twin Cities. He had a ‘thing’ for tall blonds like his wife and a cadre of lackeys who helped him set up discreet dalliances. Despite this attempt to be cautious, he could actually be pretty reckless at times.  I sat with him, a bunch of his buddies and my tall, blond, stunning friend at Zelo in Minneapolis one night. We were invited to share the table because my girlfriend was just his type, even though he was already holding hands with another blond under the table.  I thought it was pretty stupid on his part. He didn’t know us from Adam, yet he was clearly flirting with a woman who was not his wife in a public venue in front of strangers.  It was tacky, but apparently so common that no one even thought of it as newsworthy.

We can only hope he is a one-termer.

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