Fox News: Classy as Ever…

I doubt it would be possible for a “Fair and Balanced” news organization to be any more juvenile than Fox, but they have exceeded their own renowned bad judgement in recent ads (click here). I guess when you can’t fight on the merits of an argument–which they almost never can–then you have to rely on character assasination.  Why does anyone watch this unprofessional, sensationalized psuedo-news station?  I quit shortly after 9/11 when morning “Fox Friends” called Arabs “rag heads” despite the heartfelt appeal of our president to tone down discrimination against Muslims in light of horrible incidents of abuse and murder of Americans wearing head coverings (being that many Americans are too culturally retarded to know the difference between an Arab and a Sikh, people of many backgrounds were victims of our slack-jawed fellow “Americans”).  To appeal to their juvenile, bullying audience, they worked counter to the request of the president they claimed to support.  That provided all the evidence I needed to know they had no interest in news–only in ratings.

And how ironic that Fox, who has pretty much single-handedly brought down the level of television entertainment (not an easy feat in an industry known for targeting the lowest common denominator) with shows like “American Idle” and “A Simpleton’s Life” to suggest that other networks focus on “style over substance.”  If they were held to any standard of truth in advertising, they would have to admit that their programming features neither style nor substance.

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